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Mount Currie B.C.


Welcome and help us celebrate our 21st anniversary and  being the ambassador of Canadian horseback archery  around the world

Borsos Torzs 

Horse Archery Club

Who we are

The purpose of our society is to:


Foster and encourage interest and participation in Horseback Archery


Encourage instruction, demonstrations, shows and competitions on a national and international level


Forward our mission to promote Kassai Horseback Archery as a cultural heritage, martial art and sport

We had a dream.

In 2005 we organized Canada's first mounted archery competition, the North American Horseback Archery Challenge, consisting of foot and mounted archery competitions. We proudly continue running the Challenge on a yearly basis. Organizing Kassai Horseback Archery Open World Cups since 2006, taking our HBA Team to World Martial Arts Mastership and World Nomad Games and IHAA championships around the globe.

Our 5 minutes of hollywood fame

Csillagosvenyen DVD’s ( On solar path) I,II,III, Hungary

Terry Jones-- Barbarians “The end of the world” BBC

Discovery HD, Weapons of war M5,” Mongolian Bow”

Spike TV, Deadliest Warrior, “Attila the Hun vs. Alexander the great”

“The Cupcake girls” Season 3 Episode 331

Lill Rod Films, “Vagtass velem” 28th & 29th episode 

Lill Road Films “Kassai The Horseback Archer"

Scandinavia Spa Whistler "My reason video series, Robert Borsos" 

Collective Training

Collective training starts with a safety meeting, according to weather conditions and a number of participants we set the individual and team goals for that day. 


 We prepare  the horse and the rider physically and mentally for  horseback archery and mounted combat, using bows , spears , swords, whips, tomahawks and other props. Skills are build and developed from the ground, than from the falsemount and finally from a back of a horse. Our mind will slowly switch between riding and archery, but,  by mastering the horseback archery exam and after many hours of hard training, this switching will become almost one. Centaur like, when you becoming one with your horse , bow and the target. We test our skills every time we meet and everybody gets a homework to improve their archery and riding skills. 


 Coaching, finding out if horseback archery is for you is available trough Skype, WhatApp, FaceTime, Messenger

Membership Requirements

for Borsos Torzs HAC

- Participation on 3 collective training or clinic or training camp;

- 3 recommendation letters from a  BT HAC Competitor member;

- Passports style photo in Kaftan (uniform);

- Name, date of birth and contact info;

- Sport doctors notice of physical well being;

- Horse Council BC membership; 

- Equine Canada Sport Licence, minimum Bronze level; 

- Bow, Arrows, Quiver, Kaftan and  Club T-shirt;

- Statement of responsibility, in which applicants accepts the rules of HBA games  we play like Kassai, Hungarian,  Korean, Turkish, Polish, Jordanian or any other styles and takes responsibility for damages and accidents;

- Suggested donation for initial yearly membership $ 120

- Monthly membership $ 80 or 8 hours of volunteering or

- Daily membership $ 60

Support team membership:

-Any donation is welcome

-Not a competitor or a voting member

Our Track Etiquette

Borsos Torzs Horse Archery Club does not provide Horses  and equipment for Horseback Archery training.

Borsos Torzs Horse Archery Club is not the owner of the horses and the  property, where the practice and the competition is taking place, therefore respect the Track Etiquette!

The ground is open for anybody to practice at no charge as longas 

you respect these rules:

- Members and Guest sign in

- You are using this premises at your own risk, 

- You are responsible for your own and others safety when practicing archery and riding horses, and practicing Horseback Archery

- Members are responsible for his/her guest to ensure that these rules are adhered to

- If you practice alone, you have to let us know when and how long you are planning to practice and whether your bringing your own horse or will be using one of ours arranged with the owner of the horse

- You have to make sure the track is free of arrows, rocks or any other foreign objects that can cause injuries or will spook the horse.

- Remove the manure from the track and the arena

- Leave only your footprints behind

- Targets are used with  bows of #50 or less, no compound bows 

- In case of emergency, call Pemberton Ambulance

@ 604-894-6353 our location is #521 Lillooet lake road, Mt. Currie at Alvin Nelson property, across the river.

- During collective training, follow the instruction of the trainer or quietly sit at a designated area and watch the training.

- We suggest you wear a Riding Helmet and a Riding Vest while you ride a horse and be a member of HCBC or for our international gusts have your Travel insurance and emergency contact number 

-You are on private property, please respect the boundaries of the Archery Ground and ask permission to go beyond.




Borsos Törzs, Horse Archery Club

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