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Borsos Torzs Horse Archery Club based in Mount Currie B.C. is a self sponsored team representing Canadian Horseback Archery around the world since 2003

We competed in Hungary, Slovakia Austria, Serbia, Poland, France, USA, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Ukraine, South Africa, Iran the only Canadian athletes in 1st Martial Art Mastership 2016 South Korea,   April 2018 for Al-Faris Jordan, first time Canadians in Jordan, and September 2018 3rd World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan, firs time Canadians in Kyrgyzstan, keeping our cultural heritage alive.

Suggested donations;


Training camp $160/day

NAHA Challenge, mounted and foot archery competition $160

NAHA  Challenge foot archery $40

NAHA Challenge  Junior competition, donations welcome

Borsos Torzs Annual Yearly  Membersip $120

Monthly membership $ 80 or 8 hours of volunteering

Daily membership fee $ 60

No entrance fee for spectators however, donations are welcome, please respect the Track Etiquette and sign the Guest Sign in sheet


We accept donations by PayPal or cheques made out to Borsos Tozs Horse Archery Club.


Borsos Torzs Horse Archery Club does not provide horses, archery equipment for training and competition.


Borsos Torzs is not the owner of the horses and the  property where these activities are   taking place therefore respect the Our  Horseback Archery rules and regulations  and  Our Track Etiquette.

Borsos Törzs, Horse Archery Club, Mount Currie B.C.

Plan "A" for 2021

Our team is getting ready for:

Save your horse! Train your skis and snowboard for archery!

Ist Ski and Snowboard archery challenge, April, Whistler

34th Canada's Toughest Archery Challenge May 21-23 Mt. Currie B.C.

Kassai World Meeting June 1-3 Kaposmero, Hungary,

Kassai Open World Cup's in Arlington Washington, Hamilton Montana, Nova Scotia

In September 2021 4th World Nomad Games in Turkey,

followed by

"Spirit" International horse archery competition in Mongolia, followed by

World Martial Art Championship Korea

Our team is self sponsored and any donation will help our athletes to achieve their highest goals.

Borsos Törzs, Horse Archery Club, Mount Currie B.C.

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